Freya’s Ball

Freya  Barton is a very amazing little 3 year old from Spennymoor.  In December 2011, Freya was diagnosed with rare form of childhood cancer, Pleuro-Pulmonory Blastoma, with only 30 cases a year reported worldwide.

After falling ill in December, an initial diagnosis of fluid on her lung, potentially as a result of Pneumonia, Freya underwent surgery.  However the surgery revealed that she actually had a massive tumour that had rapidly engulfed her right lung and forced her heart, trachea and oesophagus to the left of their usual positions.  The tumour was also causing a huge stress on her heart and the rest of her body as her heart and left lung tried to compensate for the right lung.

Freya spent the rest of December, including a heartbreaking Christmas, in the RVI Hospital in Newcastle, and apart from 4 days was there for the next 4 months.

Freya had to have 4 rounds of Chemotherapy to shrink the tumour before a second major operation to remove the middle and lower lobes of her right lung, along with what consultants believe to be the vast majority of the tumour.

Freya’s condition has improved dramatically since then, she has finished her Chemo and recently had what will hopefully be her last operation.

Cash for Kids and Freya’s family and friends are championing fundraising on behalf of Freya, for Ward 4 of the RVI at Newcastle, which leads way for specialist cancer treatment in children across the North East and Midlands.

Organised by Freya’s Dad Phil’s colleagues at Barclaycard with Cash for Kids, the Ball was held at Hardwick Hall in Teesside in August.  There were generous donations towards prize draws and auctions by several celebrities including Davina McCall, David Hasselhoff and Andy Murray, with several experiences donated generously from local hotels, spas and golf courses.  Most importantly, everyone had an amazing evening and a lot of money was raised for charity.

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To see and order photos from the night, go to All profits from the photos will be donated to “Freya’s Experience of a Lifetime”

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